Occasionally, he will feed thousands of colors with his chopsticks and vegetables.
I don’t know Cang Ao’s attitude towards her early in the morning. I’m afraid thousands of colors will be blinded by his illusion.
It’s a pity that the wolf is still a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Cang Ao has been feeding thousands of dishes in a gentle way until she is full.
The emperor has been feeding male and female servants. Isn’t the emperor hungry? Thousands of colored silk wiped her mouth and asked casually.
And Cang Ao really answered her seriously. I am satisfied when I watch Hanazono Sakura eat.
Oh, what a lie
A thousand colors sneered that the emperor was a master of acting, which she met today.
They are not only good at acting, but also thicker than the city wall.
Get rid of all these dishes, and put chopsticks proudly and ordered to people.
Several eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting quickly withdrew to sit for dinner, and then a eunuch came in with two cups of tea.
Hanazono Sakura, come and have some tea. He took the tea from the eunuch and handed it to Qianse.
Thousand colors took the teacup and watched it for a while, and the green tea was drunk in a sigh of relief.
Because Qianse drank too fast, the tea swallowed in her throat and made her cough violently.
Hanazono Sakura Catechu wants to drink tea slowly. How can you drink it in one breath? The palm of your hand patted her on the back to help her smooth her breath.
Qianse coughed and said with a smile, Huang, this is the tea you personally brought to the male and female servants. Of course, the male and female servants have to drink every drop.
Pale proud squinting no longer speak.
By the way, it’s getting late, Emperor, and you’ve been with your male and female servants for a long time. You should go to state affairs. Others say that the virtue of male and female servants has made the emperor neglect state affairs.
Thousand colors with potential gently pushed him.
Cang ao got up and looked at her calmly. Without the warmth just now, you can have a good rest and I’ll see you again.
A thousand colors winked and smiled without meaning.
I’m sure you can’t help visiting your servants soon.
Cang ao smiled and said, yes, I really want to stay with you all the time, but I can’t today. I have promised Yu Fei to go to her place tonight.
Thousands of colors hang down their long eyelashes, she chuckles and smiles, and male and female servants should share the rain and dew equally when they are white.
Hanazono Sakura’s son is really white, and my heart is pale and proud.
The emperor’s male and female servants are really white and answered with certainty.
Cang Ao suddenly felt in a good mood. He held the thousand-color jaw in his hand and said that Hanazono Sakura felt bored. I can come in with Nie Fenghua.
A thousand-faced smile is another one.
No, my brother is busy with his own affairs, and I don’t want to disturb him, and I don’t talk at all in the palace, because I will feel a lot of fun when I am around the emperor
Oh, really? I feel a lot of fun with you, too, said the proud finger rubbing her smooth skin
Really? That’s a real pleasure.