"I can’t find this person." Shi Ya has some nai. "If you come, you will give me a very small scope and didn’t say his name. Of course, I can’t find it."
Game handsome eyebrow a wrinkly die tight "you didn’t even find the name" shiya is very popular in the city, if even she can’t find the words, it’s really "check this person"
"Can’t find it"
Shiya ha ha smiled and then immediately stopped laughing. "I said, You Di, it’s not like you. What’s the matter? A woman is dying to live."
The game face is slightly red and the eyes are unnatural. "Sister Ya, I like her and I really like her."
Shi Ya’s expression became slightly serious. "Although you have made a gossip before, it can help you, but if you really want to associate with a girl, you should be careful." After all, if you accidentally expose the identity of the Emperor there, let’s talk about the game of rice silk. Some crazy rice silk lines are quite dangerous for that girl.
Section 54
The game nodded, "I know", because he had heard that Mi Fensi attacked a female artist who had news with him before. At that time, he didn’t care and felt a little unreasonable, but now he has a girl he likes, which is different. He doesn’t want to happen to Chi Yao at all, even if he thinks about it. Shiya said that it is right that his identity is there, even if he catches up with Chi Yao, it is only a matter of time to expose them.
"But that man" is still frowning. Seeing that scene in the sports car that day is like a fishbone stuck in his throat, but he can’t pull it out and swallow it, so he’s stuck there inexplicably upset.
Shia Tanshou "Then I can’t." She really can’t find the person described in the game. The man is either too arrogant or a ghost. "You are the emperor. To be honest, there are really few people in the whole Z country who can look better than you. You are still worried that you can’t catch up with that Chiyao."
The game gently sighed, "It would be much easier if Chi Yao could see my appearance." But the key is that Chi Yao turned a blind eye to his appearance.
"What’s wrong with her?" Shiya’s expression became a little incredible. She studied the game face carefully for a long time and murmured, "Let me see if you are disfigured. Are you still hot and handsome? Seriously, if I weren’t your sister, I would want to tell you the truth." That little star is not interested in games like this. Most of them pretend that "she won’t be playing tricks with you."
It seems that you are not interested in the game, but you really like it, and then this method is used to arouse the appetite of the game. Now, don’t little girls like this trick?
The game of "no" is quickly denied.
"How do you know?" Shia gave him an angry white look. "You protected her so soon."
"Not to protect her, but she really didn’t play tricks with me." Before, he was like Chi Yao. Women got along with each other after a while. He could see that Chi Yao was really not interested in him. "Do you know that when she kissed me, she pushed me and kissed me? Is it so hard to accept?"
Yo, I’m not satisfied with this little game. It’s also the first time that a female artist kissed him, and she was favored, so she just met Chi Yao, an alternative.
Shi Yanai shook "You Di wishes you good luck"
It’s not a joke that the game likes Chi Yao, even though he knows that she may already have a boyfriend, he doesn’t want to give up their unmarried men and women. It’s not difficult for him to take Chi Yao away if he wants something.
It’s just that there will be the last match with Chi Yao in the day to test it.
Chi Yao wore a thick sweater and a red scarf in the early morning, and it was getting colder and colder. After all, it was much warmer at home than in the dormitory. It was bright and late, and she felt more and more like staying in bed.
The game "Chiyao" saw her say hello to her and then sent her a cup of hot soybean milk to give it to you.
"Ah, I had breakfast."
"You can also warm your hands." The game laughed handsomely, and instantly fascinated the surrounding bit players. They gawked at Chi Yao and laughed. Oh, my God, it’s really amazing that the Emperor is so handsome when he laughs.
Chi Yao politely replied with a smile, which didn’t reach his eyes and was distanced with a faint "thank you".
The last scene of the opponent’s play is that the flower demon looks at the jade monarch lovingly just before she goes computer-mad. She cries and kisses his lips. This play will not say a word because his soul is out of body experience.
"You will hurt me as long as I have been with you. You will kill me several times when I confess to you. Hehe, now I will confess to you again. Get up and hurt me and kill me, okay?" Chi Yao knelt on the jade bed and gently touched the game cheek with a white but cool hand.
Everyone held their breath and opened their eyes to see this scene. Because of the strong wind in the suburbs, she knelt there, her clothes were blown by the cold wind, and her hair was flying in the air. Her lips trembled slightly and her body trembled slightly because of the cold, which was more like grief.
If Chi Yao comes to film, there will be a lot of people watching her acting, which is really infectious.
"Please," Chi Yao leaned over and gently printed it on his lips, but because it was a telephoto lens, Chi Yao took the initiative to ask for the kiss to be completed. After a few seconds, Chi Yao got up and two lines of tears slowly slipped down. Her face was no longer sad, and now it changed to a cold face. "Monarch, this is the last time I call you monarch. I will avenge you."
The director is very satisfied with waving his hand. The play is very good and good. It’s really great. "Chi Yao is awesome." The director gave him a thumbs up. He admired Chi Yao, especially in crying. When his feelings came, his tears followed him freely. Even Xin Yan was a little inferior.
"thank you"
The game sits up from jade, but this thing is said to be a jade bed, which is actually a big yellow stone with cold ice. It is very uncomfortable, but the actor’s upbringing makes him endure it.
"Isn’t it cold?" The assistant hurriedly ran over to pass the clothes pool and saw the game gently patting his back.
"Well, fortunately, it’s mainly too hard."
"The stone is the last to take a chill. Remember to take a bath in hot water." Chi Yao said that these were all before her filming experience, and it was not that she had never done a walk-on and a stunning dead body. What, lying on the ground for hours knew that this was very bad for her health
The game probably didn’t expect Chi Yao to smile "I know"
After changing clothes, Chi Yao saw that the game had changed back to his own clothes, which made him feel a little strange. "You’re hopeless, too." He’s the protagonist. Hey, is there a play today?
"Yes, just let me lie in the jade scene and have a stuntman so I can skip work." In fact, he wanted to see the man in Chi Yao this time.
"Well," Chi Yao couldn’t help sighing in his heart. It’s good to have a stuntman. This kind of non-martial arts scene can also let body double come
"I’ll take you back" asked the game.
Chi Yao’s consciousness refused to "no one can pick me up"
"Who is it?" the game tentatively asks.
Friends, ordinary friends or boyfriends? "Well, let’s go out together."
Chi Yao doesn’t really want to go out with the game. Jing Muyun’s identity is too special. She doesn’t want the game to see it, even if she doesn’t recognize it, but she can’t help it. This road is not her home.