Oh, Lin’s eyebrows are slightly raised. How can I hear this? Here comes another place that will make people feel headache.
In some other areas of the demon domain, most forces are completely separated, and although the major races are frictional, they are generally flat, but only in this beast war domain, there are constant disputes, and it is not ruled by the forces of racial division, but by the transcendental powers of all parties.
Well, today, the top rule of this beast’s war domain should be the big demon Shuai Xin Qing wanted to think.
The big demon Shuai Lin Dong once again said that he was at a loss for this demon domain. Fortunately, Moro prepared a guide for him.
The big demon handsome represents the most powerful party force in the beast war domain, and the big demon handsome is full of strength in the dead Xuan realm, and at the same time, they have many strong vassals, even in a demon domain, which is not weak.
In addition to the big demon and handsome beast, there are many forces, large and small, in the battle field, and it is very common for wars to break out here because of the competition for territorial resources, and it is also easy to happen that one force rules here today, even if it is taken away by people, it will kill all the other forces.
Relatively speaking, the big demon handsome forces are more stable.
Lin nodded his head, which really deserves to be the law of the jungle in the demon domain. It was born here to get incisively and vividly.
Then how do we find someone to send a message to Lin? According to the pheasant, Xiaoyan should also be sent to this area, but it is also vast. It is not a simple matter to find someone in it.
Heart fine sipped his mouth and wanted to think. Soon he looked at Lin with big eyes and asked for some advice. If you don’t go to the heart fine family first, some information will definitely know more than me.
Lin Dong has no problem with this, but he nodded. Anyway, a race can always get information more efficiently than he alone.
It’s also a pleasure to see Lin move and nod her face. Soon she looked up and identified a direction. Finally, her little hand pointed to the north. We Kyubi no Youko people should have been on our way in that direction. We should be able to arrive in five days.
Then let’s go
Lin also didn’t dawdle what waved and said
Well, I’ll show Lord Lin Dong the way. Perhaps it’s because I can return to the clan. The girl’s little face is a little more excited, and then her charming body sweeps straight to the north and behind her. Lin Dong follows.
Xinqing, you Kyubi no Youko people should be quite strong, right?
In the middle of the road, Lin looked around and immediately looked back at the side and asked with a serious smile.
Know the way center sunny heard this is slightly leng, the big eyes seemed to be slightly dark, and soon I was embarrassed. Did you say no? The Kyubi no Youko clan is quite weak now, and our patriarch, that is, my mother, just died. The small strength of the Xuan territory can make us barely protect the Kyubi no Youko clan in this beast war field.
We used to take refuge in a big power to ensure safety, but the other side asked us to have ten girls in Kyubi no Youko every year. We didn’t want to promise to finally leave and escape to our current settlement, but we also paid a great price. Seventeen men in the family, including my father, were killed in the resistance.
Lin moved his body. He looked at one side and his eyes were red. Many girls bit their lips apologetically and said, I’m sorry.
Heart shine shook his head and said that this is the case in the demon domain. I went to the inflammation temple not far from Wan Li just to make myself strong and come back to shelter my people.
You will succeed. The girl looks timid and weak, but deep down, she is strong and belongs to her. Soon, he also sighs in his heart that he has become strong in the past, and he has failed to protect his family.
The heart is fine and slightly astringent, but it is not as severe as Lin’s adult. He has died at a young age, and he can defeat the Lianlianlian sister Zhou Ze with one enemy and two. Adults can deal with the enemy.
Lin Dong took the lead and immediately laughed. Did they all say I was a pervert?
Heart clear snow a smile, she was obviously amused by Lin, and the red rim of the eye was also played down. Soon, her big eyes secretly glanced at Lin, only to find out that it didn’t seem to be as tough and difficult to approach as other strong people.
Lord Lin Dong still has a friend. Is he a Scorpio mink?
Well, Lin nodded and smiled. They are all my brothers.
Lin’s adult is really amazing, but he can still talk to the brothers of the day demon mink. They are very fierce. In this demon domain, even the dragon people saw them and exclaimed with fear.
It’s a little surprising that Lin is so powerful. He knew that the Scorpio mink clan was quite strong in the monster beast world, but he didn’t expect to reach this level.
Well, the Scorpio Sable clan is the four tyrants in the monster beast world today, nodding with one heart and one mind.
It seems that he is a complete stranger to the monster beast world.
Today, the four tyrants in the monster beast world are called the four tyrants, that is, the dragon, the nine phoenixes, the Kunpeng clan, the Tianyao mink clan, and they are the most powerful race in the monster beast world.
It’s the first time I’ve heard that Lin Dong of Jiufeng and Kunpeng has recited these two names.
In fact, our Kyubi no Youko family was also very strong a long time ago. At that time, our Kyubi no Youko family was also Kunpeng family. How many winds did it decline after the war? The heart was clear and some pride said.
Lin was really surprised this time. I didn’t expect this weak Kyubi no Youko family to have such a glorious history.
Because of a catastrophe in ancient times, our Kyubi no Youko people suffered heavy casualties, and all the top strengths fell. In later years, few people were able to reach the high level of Kyubi no Youko, which led to the decline of the race, and finally to the present level.
Well, Lin Dong suddenly seems that the more tails the Kyubi no Youko people practice, the more powerful they are.
The heart is clear, how many tails do you have? Lin moved to resist looking at the girl’s charming buttocks and then smiled and asked.
Xin Qing San tiao
Heart fine hesitated slightly for a moment, and then the charming body flashed red, and three furry tails flashed behind it.
Lin moved curiously and looked at the three furry and lovely tails behind Xin Qing, and immediately he couldn’t help but get close to the past. The palm of his hand grabbed a tail, and the touch was surprisingly comfortable.
Lin Lindong’s adult
However, just as he grasped the tail with the palm of his hand, the girl’s little face turned red like a flaming cloud, and even the voice trembled slightly.
Lin looked at this reaction, and his face was still vacant.
The tail is not to touch the heart, and the little face is still trembling with blood.
Seeing this picture of her, Lin seems to be white. What is around him is that he is thick-skinned. At this time, he can’t help but loosen his hands and face upwards as soon as he is hot. Hahahaha, what a big moon. Let’s hurry.
After the sound fell, he quickly jumped up and thought that this face was really lost. Why is it not calm today?