Despite the large number of inferno troops, Huatian Zongwu is still well prepared after being surprised. At this time, we can see that Huatian Zongwu can stand in this Millennium not because of luck, but because of real strength.
Now that the inferno attack is just around the corner, you have made great contributions this time. I will give you the reward you deserve when the inferno retreats. Elder Hua Tianzong’s face is full of grim expressions, saying that everything will wait until the inferno retreats. In other words, if the inferno succeeds, they will all die and there will be no reward.
I didn’t expect this city to be a huge vitality. Although it is not high, it is shocking enough to rely on this size. The war has already started in Huatiancheng, and this fighting machine has also been running rapidly. I have long seen this Huatianzong unusual. When this city really showed its power, Song Yuncai found that he still underestimated this city.
It’s not difficult for this city to be refined by martial arts, but it’s not difficult to use suitable materials to refine it. However, Huatiancheng has a huge scope and occupies nearly ten miles. It’s also a frightening number to want to refine such a huge city into a yuan, not to mention whether it’s difficult or not.
When the inferno attacked, the power department of Huatiancheng broke out, and the monstrous magic flame seemed to be able to burn all things in the world, but it happened that Huatiancheng could not invade Huatiancheng. In the power, it might be equivalent to a meta-device, but when it broke out, it was comparable to Song Yun’s once-seen Lingyun Tower.
Huatiancheng cooperates with the law. Even if there are no more demons, the army of demons has already killed outside Huatiancheng. But at this time, Huatianzong Wu has made preparations. The number of demons is very terrible, but in the face of a city, it is a level of yuan. In Huatianzong inferno, there is no way.
When the inferno is fighting, Song Yun depends on the attack means of the inferno, and the only long-range attack means is the body magic flame. Now the magic flame is blocked by Huatianzong, and the inferno can rely on the storm if it wants to attack Huatiancheng, but it is also a very difficult thing.
Huatiancheng is not only a meta-device, but also a huge meta-device, which can be called a war artifact. Huatianzong also counts several arrays. These arrays are not only connected with terror defense, but also can kill demons in a large area. It is not easy for demons to attack Huatiancheng, even if the number of demons is more.
Huatian Zongwu has fought against the city wall. The number of Huatian Zongwu is not many, about 1,000. However, among these 1,000 weapons, the king of Wu occupies nearly one tenth of Wu Huang’s strong territory, and those weapons are also strong. It is no wonder that Yuan Tianding will say that this is the true strength of Huatian Zongwu.
At this time, the vitality is staggered in the city wall. At this time, there is no need for any skills to protect the root of the inferno with the number array of Huatiancheng. Huatianzongwu needs to blast the vitality to the city to kill the inferno in a large area.
Roar and roar from the inferno army camp. The inferno attacked expect the unexpected this time. If the news hadn’t been handed to Huatiancheng by Song Yun, I’m afraid that this time the inferno could really kill Huatianzong. However, the inferno’s fearlessness and fearlessness were fully reflected in the war. This roar also represents the inferno’s strong move.
King Wu Jingwu came with me to kill the inferno in the sky. An elder of Huatianzong roared and took the lead in flying to the middle. This elder led Huatianzong’s King Wu Jingwu Department to fly to the sky to fight against the inferno.
However, although this Huatiancheng is an artifact of war, it is protected by the array method, but these are not omnipotent. No matter how strong the defense is, it will break Huatiancheng. Although the array method is also strong in defense, it is more terrible to let these two things exert their power.
Yuan Qi, however, doesn’t say that even if the root of the sword is not too powerful, Song Yun’s vitality can fuel the sword, so can Huatiancheng, which is so powerful. Yuan Qi consumes tens of thousands of yuan crystals every second, so is the power of the array, which is determined by the amount of energy.
If the inferno strongly attacks Huatiancheng Huatianzong, these Wu ‘an are safe, but Huatianzong consumes energy, which will be very horrible. If the energy is unsustainable, then both Huatiancheng and the array law in the city will become more furnishings, and then with Huatianzong’s 1,000 weapons, it will not be enough to see in front of the number of horrible infernos.
It is difficult for Song Yun to intervene in the battle in the sky. Both sides are strong in Wu King’s territory. Even if Song Yun is strong in strength, I am afraid it is difficult to go through a trick. Song Yun will vent all his strength to the city, and the inferno army will be in the city. These infernos are mainly Wu Zun’s inferno.
Sword after sword swing at this time, there is no need for any skills. You need to put your own strength in the simplest sword, so that you can kill the inferno in a large area. Song Yun is like a tireless robot, waving the sword of the immortal, and the golden vitality keeps condensing in Song Yun’s hands.
At this time, we can see the benefits of concise acupuncture points at 365 points all over the body. Qi and vitality almost keep pouring into Song Yun’s head, forming a whirlpool of vitality. Huge amounts of vitality keep pouring into Song Yun’s body. Song Yun’s vitality will be restored in an instant.
Are you still human? Some martial arts inadvertently turned their attention to Song Yunshen when they killed the inferno. These martial arts suddenly froze. They killed the inferno until they were soft. Now it is almost difficult to move even if they are tired. Song Yun not only showed no signs of exhaustion, but he was still fierce when he killed the inferno.
Sword after sword, Song Yungen didn’t realize the surprised eyes around him. At this time, Song Yun was caught in a mysterious state. Sword after sword swing has become a kind of body. Song Yun’s desire has no moves in his heart, but the power of the sword is getting stronger and stronger
What’s the matter? More and more Wu noticed that Song Yun’s performance was too fate when he couldn’t help it. Even when Wu Wang was exhausted, even when Wu Huang was exhausted, Song Yun was not exhausted, but the Vietnam War became stronger and stronger. It was difficult to attract attention.
Come here with a little surprised sound in Song Yunkou sounded over XianJian straight to cut to a huge gold firm but gentle straight toward the wall inferno cut Chapter two hundred and seventy-six.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Retreat golden shock wave to cut Song Yun from it. There are many changes in swordsmanship. This sword doesn’t change much, but the power is condensed to the extreme. This golden shock wave cuts the wall and many demons are killed and injured immediately.
Gold firm but gentle rushed directly to the inferno army and instantly cut an inferno in half. This sword has more than one potential to sweep all the way to a place for a mile before stopping all the way. All the infernos that were passed by gold firm but gentle were cut into two parts, and this sword fully killed dozens of infernos.
Huatian Zongwu was shocked and looked at Song Yun’s eyes full of surprises. Even those Wu Huang’s strong environment looked at Song Yun’s eyes at this time, which was a little weird. The strength here is much stronger than Song Yun’s, but few people can do it like Song Yun, who can solidify his vitality in a sword without scattering such a powerful power.
At this time, Song Yungen didn’t care about the shocking eyes around him. Now Song Yun is still immersed in the realm of the sword just now, killing constantly. The sword Song Yun finally understands that the power is extremely true, and the change is very different. This recruit does not need any fancy keys, but how to finish the power.
Although the former Song Yun also realized that some powerful skills can multiply the power of a sword through constant superposition, these are just superficial. The superposition method is not wrong, but wouldn’t it be even more powerful if the power of a sword can be exerted to the limit and then the limit sword is continuously superimposed?
The change is very important in one change, but the strength is very important in strength. A monk once said that no matter what skill can be cultivated for thousands of times, even the simplest trick to attract thunder can exert unimaginable power, even those fairy spells will not be inferior in power.
Thunder tactic is the simplest spell of Song Yun’s past life. This kind of spell is not the same as the fairy magic, but according to the master, if you can practice the thunder tactic for thousands of times, you will be able to exert great power. It is not that the thunder tactic is amazing, but the strength and quality are the same.
In the same way, even the Xuan level of Wushu should be able to practice for thousands of times, even if the qualification is poor, you can understand the quality of power. When the strength reaches the quality level, it won’t be too big difference whether you are Xuan level of Wushu or Tian level of Wushu, but the key point of power is how to understand the quality of power.
Sword after sword to cut Song Yun is the simplest and most practical sword technique, and Song Yun’s pursuit is the limit of strength, which can cause the greatest harm to the inferno, but it is also because of this that Song Yun can understand that the quality of power is not skill, but how to win the strength.
Fake Song Yun’s fighting power is ten, but it is impossible for Song Yun to exert this fighting power in every sword in the battle. How to achieve that every sword is its own fighting power limit, that is, the limit of power. Just that moment, Song Yun can only be blessed after wielding a sword for thousands of times. The strongest sword does not mean that Song Yun really understands the power pole.
"The strongest fighting power" means that Wu can explode into the strongest power. Song Yun can stack his sword for three times, and after three times, the power is the strongest fighting power of Song Yun, and when he stacks it for three times, he won’t let his sword swing be the strongest all the time. That is the true terrorist fighting power.
It’s another sword. Swinging this sword is better than swinging every sword by Song Yun, but compared with that magical sword just now, Song Yun is not discouraged. The door has been hit by Song Yun. What he has to do now is to constantly understand what is in this door. One day Song Yun will be able to master what is in this door.
Song Yun is constantly understanding the limit of strength, but the battle in the sky is very fierce. Huatianzong Wuwang has a lot of martial arts, but the martial arts have reached Wuwang’s territory. The number of demons is also quite large. Don’t let the demons destroy Huatiancheng’s defense law. Huatianzong Wuwang has to face the demons in the sky.
The battle is very fierce. The only advantage of Huatianzong Wu is that Huatiancheng can go back to Huatiancheng to recuperate if he is not defeated, and the inferno is last stand, because Huatiancheng is in Huatianzong Wu, but the inferno is still fierce and not afraid of death, which also makes Huatianzong afraid of these forces. Generally speaking, the two sides are in a balance of power now.
Every king of Wu’s territory and martial arts are valuable to Huatianzong, and every loss is unbearable, but the inferno has no scruples in this respect. Once fighting, the inferno is always more crazy than the dead inferno, and even the enemy will die together, so that Huatianzong’s martial arts will not be tied behind his back.
Ah, the screams rang out in the sky. Hua Tianzong eventually died in the martial arts. Although the inferno losses were more serious, the death of a martial arts king was a big event. Others will become more careful when they see that the martial arts king died in the heart.
It seems that this war will soon end. Song Yun has rested on the sword. Although Song Yun is still full of vitality, Song Yun will be tired after all, not a machine. It is impossible to never stop fighting. Compared with other Wu Song Yun’s performance, it is shocking enough to rest at this time.
A battlefield situation has fallen on Song Yun’s eyes. Although King Wu died in battle just now, inferno is not dominant in the scene. Huatiancheng is not a threat to Huatiancheng in those who have not yet arrived in King Wu’s territory, but King Wu’s territory battle has been dominated by Huatianzong.
If it weren’t for the inferno’s dying fight against Huatianzong, these Wu Wang Jingwu had already defeated the inferno, but now it seems that it is impossible for the inferno to attack Huatianzong’s side, but Wu Huang’s territory is strong and Song Yun once saw the old Huatianzong with a fair hair and a fair face, and now five Wu Huang’s territory is strong.
The fighting has been from noon to the evening, and the inferno has been attacking Huatian Zongwu all the time. Even after taking a break for several times, Song Yun feels that he has been completely numb, and the sword swing has become a powerful force. At this time, there are signs of exhaustion.
Roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar, roar
At this time, Song Yun is also a slight wind. This breath almost affects Song Yun. If it weren’t for the purple yuan god in Song Yun, I’m afraid it would also be affected by this breath, so my heart is full of murderous look and I can’t control my emotions.
A bold roar sounded in Huatiancheng, and the elder with a crane hair and a child’s face was all silvery white hair. This roar was heard with great breath, and the violent and destructive breath disappeared. Those affected by Huatianzong Wu’s eyes were clear again at this time.
Five figures rose from Huatianzong City to the sky, and the fighting of featuring has stopped. Wu Huang’s martial artists are bound to be earth-shattering. Even if they are featuring featuring Wu Yegen, it is impossible to intervene in the level struggle of Wu Huang.