I, Hu Hansan, am back again.

Baby panda has less than 5,000 health points left. This guy probably realized that the situation is not right, and he struggled to fight hard. But now you won’t be able to resist again. The fruits of the revolutionary victory are already in my hands. Haha. I seem to have seen the panda explode after

Xin Qing nodded and explained that the demon domain is extremely vast, and there are quite a few large and small regions, which are roughly divided into four domains: east, west, north and south, while our beast domain is the junction of the western regions and the northern region, which is also known as one of the most chaotic regions in the demon domain.

Oh, Lin’s eyebrows are slightly raised. How can I hear this? Here comes another place that will make people feel headache. In some other areas of the demon domain, most forces are completely separated, and although the major races are frictional, they are generally flat, but only in this beast war domain, there are constant

Meng Fei suddenly revealed that her identity was so cold that she was shocked with horror. When she wanted to ask Meng Fei who he saw through, Meng Fei drank cold, waved his left hand, waved a purple mountain and turned it into a Changhong face.

Cold, faint, calm in a crisis, and short-edged paintings are tightly guarded. Meng Fei took advantage of her loss of identity by drinking, and the blink of an eye took the wind for ten strokes in a row, beating the cold and faint, sweating and fighting back. However, she has a lot of treasures and


Early the next morning, Duan Yishen was declared into the palace by an imperial edict from the palace. As soon as the front foot of his carriage left two small figures, he sneaked into the door of Moyu Pavilion. Brother, there are many people guarding here. How are we going to get in? Xiaowu can’t