See jumping silver runes Lin was suddenly a change.
Little guy, the strength of the thunder world is not as horrible as you think. This Moro is a person of the same level as me. It is already the limit that you can stop him with the strength here. It is not surprising that Lei Di said it.
Lin’s smell speech is a wry smile. It seems that it is extremely difficult to compete with Moro in the thunder world. Is the control of the runner’s environment Zufu really powerful to this extent?
The third move, do you still have to answer it? Moro stared at Lin Dong, but his tone slowed down a lot. The defeat of two attacks made his heart shake.
You can’t give up at this level, can you? Lin’s young face with blood residue shows a paranoid smile and says,
The three sacred objects in your hand are all invalid, and the key to Lei Jie is also broken. This third move may not be necessary. Moro said in a low voice
Moro’s predecessors kept their eyes on Moro’s voice, which was also low and didn’t flinch at all.
Moro looked at the young man who was still tough for a moment, and then his face slowly turned indifferent again. He nodded slowly, or that sentence, I won’t leave my hand
With the Moro sound falling, the latosolic red flame suddenly surged, and that kind of high temperature made the flame appear distorted. Zufuli, you have gone too far. How can this little guy’s strength stand such an attack? Lei Di always frowned and sank.
I will protect him, yuan Shen
Moro light way immediately his palm gently holding the monstrous latosolic red flame, that is, Ran Ran rose and finally turned into a blazing sun above his head.
Lin Dong, you regret it now, and maybe it’s still coming. Moro lost his hands behind him and stared at Lin Dong’s way in the distance.
Lin grinned slowly and firmly shook his head.
Moro seemed to sigh lightly for a while, and his eyes suddenly became cold, while the scorching sun roared instantly.
Bang bang bang.
The scorching sun is over, the thunder world is filled with thunder, and suddenly the overbearing flame Zufuli directly drives those thunder forces to retreat.
Lin looked up at the scorching sun that contained terrorist forces, as if it were burning at this moment.
The hot sun is approaching instantly, and then there is no forest movement. The defensive flame explosion is to swallow it up and enter.
in a grand fashion
A huge fire enveloped it as if it had turned into a sea of fire, and it was a sense of distortion when it was baked in that flame.
You are too hard, Reddy. Looking at the fire in the distance, he frowned and said,
You bastard
Not far away, Mu Lingshan’s eyes immediately turned red when she saw this scene, and then she directly picked up the coffin of life and death and slammed it at Moro angrily.
With a wave of a red aperture, the Moro sleeve robe covers Mulingshan, and she blows it all the time.
It should be over, too. I’ll get the Yuan God to take him to the inflammation pool of my inflammation temple, and then I can practice again. Soon, I will look at the fire and want to carry the Lin Yuan God.
However, just as he was about to start work, the thunder emperor suddenly surprised his eyes and suddenly turned to the middle of the fire, and at the same time Moro also sensed that his eyes were flooded with disbelief.
How is that possible?
In Moro’s distant murmur of absence, a thin figure appeared slowly in the sea of fire, and then it came step by step to burn a dead porch to ashes.
Mask MuLingShan at this time is also stopped moving big eyes consternation looked at the figure in the fire.
A thunder world became quiet at this time, and only the figure walked slowly through the flames.
The figure is getting clearer and clearer, and finally it is completely in the sight of the three people. At this time, they just found that there is a latosolic red mask hanging outside the figure body, and a palm-sized latosolic red ancient card is suspended in the central position of the mask, which gives off a kind of fluctuation, and that kind of fluctuation is exactly the same as the flame ancestor.
The ancient brand was able to defend against the fire ZuFu attack. Lei Di looked at this scene and was suddenly surprised.
Moro’s face was ugly, and his eyes were fixed on the palm-sized latosolic red ancient card. He could detect that the body flame ancestor was humming strangely in that ancient card now.
Lin finally left the fire, and the latosolic red mask slowly dissipated, and he reached out his hand and the latosolic red ancient card fell into his hand. Soon he looked up and smiled at Moro, who was a little stiff.
Moro predecessors I won Chapter nine hundred and seventy Bait.
The latosolic red flame burns and rises in the fire, and the light shines on Lin’s young face, which is reflected by the light arc, and the face whose lip angle is still stained with blood is a kind of dynamic courage at this time.
What’s this? Moro’s eyes are fixed on the latosolic red ancient cards in Lin’s hands. After a long time, he didn’t sound hoarse.
Obviously, now he has come to his senses from the reality that the power of flame ancestors has an effect on forest movement.
Aside, Lei Di is also a little startled. I didn’t expect that the most powerful force of Moro would fail to move the forest. Even swallowing Zufu can’t do that.